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New Idea

Do what others do - Pending

Status: New Idea
by pinnit2015 on ‎17-04-2016 01:34 AM

I know this has bee raised before but - there is no rationale why you can't show the pending transactions. In this forum there's a conflict of 'we are considering this', with the fact you used to do it. If there's a difference in blances, people need to guess what it's made up of - not particularly good for fraud controls.


Put the pending back! It's neither confusing or hard to do - look at Halifax.

Get rid of the card reader...

Status: New Idea
by Duncs on ‎17-03-2016 10:55 AM

There are plenty of other, more sensible ideas that can be used, most of which have been mentioned.


The BoS system of the text message is good.  However, what about an RSA token.  I use this verification system for accessing my employers network from home.  Download an app on your phone.  it generates a 6 digit code every 30 - 60 seconds, I can't remember.  This code is then entered into the software installed on my Mac and I get access to the network.


Come on RBS, we're in the 21st Century.  We should be relying on another piece of kit to do a job that can be done much simpler.  


What if you have to setup a payment when you're out?


Just a thought.

Here's an idea, and personally something I think AMEX are the leaders in as I've yet to find another provider that does this to the same level of detail as them. Until an item physically hits your account you can never tell 100% what is causing the difference between the 'Account Balance' and 'Available Balance', for example, simplistically I could have 'Account Balance' = £100 'Available Balance' = 50 and it may be several days later until that £50 hits (for obvious reason in some cases I know as it may actually never hit if it is a pre-aurthorisation). However, how AMEX get around this to be most helpful to the customer is almost immediately after I make a purchase I can see a sub-grouping of 'Pending Transactions' in my account that would detail something like SHELL PETROL £50*** (***meaning that the amount could change by the time it is fully validated, but this is more than likely the amount). I would really like to see RBS implement something like this as it would be extremely helpful to their customers and I would think in these days of Digital Banking that all the information is held on the systems anyway, just currently not accessible to the account holder.


I see this would be applicable to both Online and Mobile Banking.


Thanks and Regards


Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Thanks for your feedback on this Ry, it's a great idea Smiley Happy I've checked with our Online Banking Team, and I can tell you that it is something we are already thinking about. However, it's a big project, so we don't have a timescale available to share at the moment. Who else thinks this is a good idea? Give it some Kudos and we'll see if we can hurry it forward!

RBS has to have the most complicated website on the planet. Not just that, the photography has to be among the worst on any banking website. It makes me feel like I've joined a sort of Eastern Block communist bank, the imagery is sooo grim. We need to be uplifted in a non-condesending manner - give us some humour, give us something to look up to. We have to trudge around your hideous website to try and work out where we need to go for Cards Online, business or personal, the least you can do is give us some uplifting photography and design, instead of this weird grimness you seem to be proliferating these days!! You used to have really nice pictures of your customers with great uplifting stories. Now you have badly dressed women cooped up indoors on a rainy day with her demonic child at her feet ripping apart stuffed toys, both mother and child unwashed with greasy hair and ill fitting clothes. And a scented candle on the table just to add to the misery. OR a family gathered around a bare lightbulb in their kitchen for heat. GOD HELP US!!! 

Rapport Pop-up

Status: New Idea
by jameshm on ‎25-11-2015 12:25 PM

PLEASE can there be a permanent opt-out button for the Rapport pop-up.  I already have equivalent software so don't want or need Rapport but the blessed pop-up interupts my login EVERY TIME I want to use digital banking and it's beginning to ruin my experience.

NFC Payment

Status: New Idea
by MrMikeOG on ‎27-02-2016 09:13 AM
It's new, it's hot, it's what banks are doing, and why can't we have it too? Having wireless mobile payments via the RBS Mobile Banking app would really be a 'cool' the feature and would most t likely attract customers as only a select few banks offer this.

Naming of downloaded statement files

Status: New Idea
by dougaldan on ‎12-11-2015 09:43 AM

I have suggested this to an advisor but as yet no uptake.


Because the bank is not truly a 24/7 organisation statement dates that fall on a weekend or bank holiday are dated for the next working day. Statement downloads are named as follows.




Suppose subsequent downloads were:-


Statement--831915-xxxxxxxx--27-12-2015-25-03-2016 (if it fell on a weekend)



these three files will not sort in date order (a real pain)


If the date segments were formatted as yyyy-mm-dd then the files would always sort in date order (Great!)





Non-secure payment option

Status: Under Review
by ToastmasterMike on ‎02-08-2014 12:29 PM

It is very irritating, when making a payment to an existing payee, to have to use the card-reader when you just want to change the payment reference, e.g. a different invoice number for each payment.  Surely this field could be in a non-secure environment and could be changed at will, in the same way as you can change the payment amount?  It does seem unnecessarily strict to have the change the payee parameters each time!

Status: Under Review

Wouldn't it be nice to have an online savings account where you can add logical folders and see what you're saving for ?

e.g. Savings Account

                                       - Holiday Folder

                                       - Mortgage Folder

                                       - New Car Folder

The top level would show the total amount in the account and the folders would show how you've allocated your funds.


etc. etc.

This way you can easily see how you're getting on saving for that particular dream

I CAN do this with MS Money but I reckon you'd offer a great facility that no other bank offers (as far as I know) 

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time

Hi Peersi,


We are currently revieiwng our whole Online setup, so hopefully the changes coming soon will assist with money management.


Watch this space...


Thanks for your post.


When creating a standing order rather than entering the sort code & account each time, have an option to select an existing payee. It would be much easier and reduce errors. Broadly improve the workflow for transactions online, small but badly needed

Internal Transfer Comments.

Status: New Idea
by grahamkeen on ‎22-01-2015 03:51 PM

If you set up a new payee, you can add a comment that is attached to each transfer.


It would be very useful if you could do that when transferring money between different RBS accounts, so when you look back, you know what the transfer was for.


Thanks, Graham.

Sort Code and Account on Debit Card

Status: New Idea
by johndavie1 on ‎10-06-2015 04:57 PM

Hi, I was wondering if there was any good reason why the sort code and account number aren't printed on the front of the front of debit cards?  I have currrent accounts with 2 other banks and s/c and a/c appear on both.  It would be much handier for times when you need to know your details there and then for seting up direct debits or transferring money etc.  It's not as if they are of much use to anyone if you lose your card.  The card number and expiry of the card are what any fraudster would be looking for, not s/c and a/c.  Any ideas on the rationale behind this?  Thanks!  John

My RBS cards are boring! Can there be a better or put some thought on the design of all your credit and debit cards? I feel embarrassed placing my card with my friend's beautifully designed Barclaycard.
Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Sad to hear that you think our cards are boring Smiley Sad thanks for your comments on this though, it's certainly a hot topic on our Ideas Bank! This is something we are looking into, so will need a bit more time to give you more information on any updates - we will keep you posted! If anyone else loves this idea...give it some Kudos Smiley Wink

Possiblity to sed E mails, once logged in.

Status: New Idea
by TheHiker on ‎05-07-2014 01:37 PM

Why, oh why, is it not possible to send an E amil to RBS, once you're logged in?

I bank with other banks, including one in France, and a share dealing account with another instituion, and they all give you the facility to send E mails.

I work in very remote locations, where I have a slow  internet connection, but cannot make international phones calls, or even if I could, would not be able to  sit hanging on the end of the phone listening to music for 20 minutes!

Internet phones systems like Sype, are blocked by the Governemnt.


Also why is sometimes possible to go on "Chat" with an advisor, but other times, (like today), it's not there?





I see that you have changed the user interface recently.


I must say that the fanfare that you gave the changes far outweighs the impact of the changes. They are trivial and not very helpful.


Please invest considerably more resources into this area. It is complex, restricted and timeconsuming to use the website to do anything but the most basic tasks. 


You have functionaly neutered the branch network which can do some poor selling and basic transactions. So given that this is now my main way of interacting with the bank it is very, very basic. So bad if I thought I could get a better interface I would go. 


Overall there is virtually nothing that makes you think "Wow that was good!" and there is plenty that makes you think "Why does it not do that?"


So come on RBS! Your main interface to customers and its funcitionality is somewhere just better than barely usable.


For intance;


Calculated balance for the next 4 weeks - Helps identify if you need to top up an account, plan spending etc. You could do so much with this sort of modelling.


Easier analysis. For instance all these daft wee codes that you use and re-use INT POC etc etc. Why can't I just float over that and see what it really means. It took 3 new windows and ten minutes to find that out. And I'll forget next time,.

No obvious ability to look at all the payments to one payee. 


General management is one dimensional and very poor. Making changes is time-consuming, error prone and difficult. I mean it uses one transaction type - set up from nothing for many things. As noted elsewhere why can't I take an existing payee and set them up as a standing order. Oh and did marketing nobble the use of standing orders to promote what you want DD's rather than SO's? I cant set up the credit card payment as an SO easily. Surely this is about serving customers.


The fear factor. This is real money but there is little feedback, or re-assurance. Put in the bank account details and sort code and there is no way to check that it is right (or no obvious way). There is no record of what you have done on line, no un-do, None of the stuff that builds context and confidence around the use of the system. No logs of when you were in and what you did. It's all just like walking through a maze with little to distinguish events, no reassurance, no confirmation just the here and now. 



Then there is this feedback stuff on this site here. I'm not convinced that it's not just a low cost way of appearing to respond to customers but making it so atomic, so split up that to be precise you have to suggest a tiny change. You can't suggest a change on the fly and by the time you have, you have got to log in again.


Rappaport? You expect me to sign up to 20 pages of IBM terms and conditions? I don't have the time, ability or inclination to read them. 


I know some of my suggestions are not precisesly defined but I think that they are accurate and important. As professionals surely you can do much much better than this. A lot more "Wow" and lot less "Uh,uuun" please.


Overall this site lacks usability, functionality, reassurance and confidence. As a statement of brand it kinda says "Can't be bovvered". I'm going to start asking round friends and colleagues to see if other banks are being bothered. 



TImeout display

Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
by fingers on ‎20-03-2014 08:46 PM - last edited on ‎30-04-2014 02:55 PM by Community Manager

When logged into my account I'd like to see a count down of how long I have left until the page will timeout. A reset button next to that would be good to so I can reset it if I know I want the page to not timeout for a bit longer whilst I find some paper work or something etc.



Status: We're looking into this, but need more time
Great idea Fingers Smiley Happy This is a new idea, so let's see how much Kudos this gets from you guys, and then we can see how popular it is!

Separate field required for Payment Ref.

by Doug on ‎06-01-2014 03:29 PM
When setting up a payment online, the reference (such as an invoice number) should not be saved along with the payee details. There's no point in the system saving the payee's details if I have to delete them every time I want to refer to a different invoice.

Travel notifications

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now
by BC on ‎12-03-2014 01:47 PM

Have recently had to notify of travel abroad and the system does not allow the card to be in two different countries at the same time - well, the same date anyway. But I will encounter a situation where I will settle up at an Auckland hotel in the morning and fly to Singapore and pay up front for my hotel room there on the same day. I do need to be able to use the same date for two different places. It seems odd that your site doesn't allow this.

Status: Sorry, we can't do this right now
Thanks for your suggestion BC Smiley Happy I've spoken with our Online Banking Team, and sadly this isn't something that is possible in our systems at the moment. It's a really useful idea though, so we will keep this in mind for future updates. If anyone else thinks this would be helpful for their travels...give it some Kudos!

Pay in cheques via mobile app

Status: New Idea
by hughes on ‎02-04-2015 04:49 PM

Hi...Barclay customers are able to pay cheques in via their mobile banking app

I hope RBS is looking at doing this for their personal and business customers and soon


I also hope that YOU go that extra step further by making it avaliable to all phone not just Iphones (definatly should go on Nokia Lumia phones they are the best)


looks like it just uses a camera so any decent smart phone with a camera should be able to do it ...dont limit it just to the Iphone guys.




Status: New Idea
by SB on ‎12-11-2014 11:16 AM

It may help customers confidence if you periodically (at least twice a year) publish a list of the subjects raised showing:


  1. The number of separate times the issue has been raised by customer;
  2. The kudos the subject has received
  3. The progress RBS has made towards resolving the issue.

Similar to the personal statistics on each subscribers page.

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